Product Care


It is super important that you take care of your beautiful Ffin frames. So much care has gone into making them to the highest standard with the best materials. Keep them safe and clean and they will look fabulous for you for years to come! 

All of our frames come with a recycled microfibre cleaning cloth to keep your frames lovely and clean and free from surface marks, grease and dust. Carry this with you on the go! You also have an organic fabric and metal Ffin case and fabric pouch so you can safely store your glasses when not being worn and when travelling. Use them always to avoid scratches and accidents. 

The secret to long product life and keeping your Ffins looking awesome is a regular wipe down with the recycled microfibre cloth provided. We are always touching our face and spectacles and so there is a lot of transfer of moisture and oils; so a regular clean is advised. Be careful to ensure that there isn’t any sand or grit on the frames, lenses or cloth before cleaning with the cloth, as this can cause micro scratches.

We advise using a specialist lens and spectacle cleaning spray. Avoid using soap or any household cleaning materials, if you do not have a specialist cleaner then rinse with warm (not hot) water and wipe down immediately.  Do not submerge the spectacles, just rinse and dry immediately.

Avoid submersing the frames in water, especially sea water or pools. If submersed in a harsh environment, rinse and dry at the soonest opportunity.

Lenses will pick up finger prints like nothing else and these will be much more visible on dark sun lenses. Clean regularly using the approach described in the cleaning section above.

Avoid putting your glasses lens down on surfaces or transporting your glasses without the glasses case. At the very least if not wearing the glasses, then place them in the natural fibre pouch provided.

Do not try to replace damaged lenses yourself. All our frames are made to an optical standard, so visit a professional optician to have new lenses fitted.

High quality eyewear is made with traditional screwed hinges. When manufactured hinge screws are shipped with a lock tight treatment and it is natural for the screws to loosen over time with wear.

You should avoid tightening or adjusting the hinges yourself, as there is a risk of over tightening and damaging the screw.

Any adjustments should be made by a qualified technician or optician.

Ffin frames are made to the highest standard and are designed to be adjusted to fit by a qualified optician.

Depending on the materials used in the construction of the frames, there will be a different standard process that a qualified optician might use to make the adjustments.

The frames will adjust a little with wear but please do not try to make major adjustments yourself. A qualified technician or optician can quickly and easily make these adjustments for you using specialised tools and knowledge.

Frames and lenses are always sensitive to high temperature; if exposed for long periods of time, strong heat and direct sunlight might cause frames to distort and degrade.

Normal use is absolutely fine but always store your glasses in the case and be mindful to keep in a cool place. Avoid leaving them near heat sources or exposed to extreme weather for long periods of time, unless in use.

Ffin frames are made to the highest standard but they are not indestructible and will last a lot longer with a bit of care.

Avoid wearing them on your head, as this can stretch the frames. Similarly, if you loan them to a friend they may adjust outward to a larger head. If you have stretched them, you may need to have them adjusted by your optician.

The frames are robust but not indestructible, dropping on a hard surface, sitting on them or forcing the hinges beyond their normal tolerance may damage them. Consult an optician for advice on replace or repair.